kreative kidz philosophy



At Kreative Kidz, we believe in the uniqueness and potential of each child and their right to participate in a highly engaging, play-based learning program. The early years of a child’s life is the most crucial stage of development and we ensure responsibility to provide exceptional development experiences during their time with us.

We value and promote the inclusion of children and their families and ensure to incorporate their values and opinions during the planning and delivery of our program. Kreative Kidz uses the Early Learning Framework, ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’ and ‘My Time, Our Place’ as the basis for our curriculum to ensure our children are on the path to success.

Our service respects the diversity of all families in our community. We strongly believe each family has the right for their needs to be met and acknowledged. We also acknowledge Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of the land, water and community in which we live.

Our Philosophy In Respect To Children: 

Kreative Kidz Pre-School strongly prides themselves in following the ‘United Nations Convention to The Rights of a Child’ which constitutes of the following; The right of a child to have a safe and comfortable environment, Children to be respected and accepted for their individuality and treated equally regardless of race, religion, sex, additional needs and social status. At Kreative Kidz Pre-School, children have the right to enjoy their early years of life and be given the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the world in their eyes. We encourage children to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings freely without judgement.

Our Philosophy In Respects to Learning:

Kreative Kidz Pre-School ensures that children not only have access to healthy food but are educated on a regular basis about the benefits of healthy eating and nutrition. We teach our children to be individuals who can perform tasks independently, for example, serving themselves food and throwing away leftovers. 

Kreative Kidz Pre-School believe and support children’s current knowledge and strength by providing a supportive environment based on stimulating and play-based learning that is enriched with the interaction between educators and families.   We use a number of different academic theorists to support the learning of the children in our centre one of these theorist we usually refer to is the ‘Vygotsky’s Theory’ which tells us the three best effective ways to teach children. These are through imitation, instructed learning and collaborative learning. 

We ensure children are able to take on new ideas and extend their thinking so we can develop further on their interests.   The environment is a strong learning aspect for a child’s life, and we invest time, finances, planning and provision to ensure children are getting the best outdoor experience. We promote care and respect for our environment through sustainable practices, such as recycling natural materials and growing plants.

Our Philosophy in Respect To Staff:  

Kreative Kidz Pre-School prides itself on employing highly educated and capable staff members who display positive attitudes towards learning. Our staff are committed to their own professional development and a culture of continuous improvement through self-reflection. This enables for the continuous improvement of our policies, procedures and practices which directly contributes to the learning of our children.   Our team respects individual staff levels of knowledge and experience and encourage active participation and open communication.

Our Philosophy in Respect To Families:

Our centre respects acknowledges and respects the individuality of all families and their background. Families are welcomed with open-communication and are offered opportunities for involvement with the centre in a variety of ways.   We uphold confidentiality and privacy of all families and offer support should the family seek it.   

Our Philosophy in Respect To The Community:

Kreative Kidz Pre-School respects and values diverse cultures, beliefs, abilities and community groups in our community and aim to be an important asset to our surrounding community.   We make use of the local library and engage with professionals, for example emergency services and members from the Aboriginal community, inviting them to visit the centre.

Our Philosophy in Respect To Sustainability:

Kreative Kidz Pre-School aims to increase awareness of our environmental responsibilities with contributing to a cleaner, sustainable future by using the concept of ‘Reduce, Re-use and Recycle’.   

We ensure our children feel positive about the future and the environment. This is done by being introduced to explore all aspects of nature. We also have an ongoing organic gardening project where children are taught and encouraged to participate in the planning and watering of our centres garden.

services we provide

Pre-School & Childcare


We aim to provide the best care for your child and create programs to suit and engage each individual child and their needs.

Before & After School


Kreative Kidz offers a before & after school service and program; this is between 6am-9am & 3pm-6pm 

Bus Services


Kreative Kidz Preschool currently operates 2 buses for school pick-up and drop-off. We have a 24 seater bus and a 11 seater minibus.

Tuition Services


We are currently tutoring only primary school students. We provide tutoring in; Maths, English, General History & General Science.

Vacation Care


Going on holidays? @ Kreative Kidz we provide a vacation care and an occasional care service too.

Parent & Community Events


Kreative Kidz hosts multiple parent and community events, so please feel free to attend.